CANNP 2018 Annual Business Meeting

Welcome & Introduction:  Kathy Connelly, President introduced the 2016-2018 members of the board.

Review of Minutes:  Stephanie Blake, Secretary.  Minutes were posted at conference.  No corrections.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sharon Rush.  Taxes have been filed at no cost to association. Separate report of finances and website costs discussed. Current bank account balance reviewed, total conference costs pending.   

Membership Report:  Sharon Rush, Treasurer See attached.  Discussed positive responses from e-distribution of membership information, conference announcements. Membership card distribution to commence shortly after conference adjourns.  Discussed including membership in conference fee. Plan for easier registration and dues payment for next conference.

Membership-at-Large Report:  Desi Newberry, Member at Large. Discussion of “social” update and membership suggested increased use of social media. Discussed using email and Facebook as media outlets for promotion of CANNP. CANNP is now on NANN website, but no link to join as of yet (in progress). Further discussions regarding reaching out to ANN and individual institutions for promotion.

Presentation of Awards: Revamped awards from scholarship and research awards to poster and research awards (See attached). Schools of nursing will be contacted to solicit podium presenters. Membership encouraged to consider submitting an abstract.

Research Award: Desi Newberry received research grant award this year, and will present a poster at the 2019

Poster Presentations: 1.  Courtney Austin, RN, BSN and Meghan Bjerke, RN, BSN. 2. Meghan Cooper, RN, BSN. 3. Sarah Dearman, RN, MSN. 4. Sherry LeBlanc, MSN, NNP-BC


New Business:

1.       CANNP Website. Upgraded/updated website, online registration and payments for conference attendees to be improved

2.       Contact Hour Offerings. Online CEU offerings via CANNP website. Members encouraged to contact Kathy Connelly with interest in creating CEU modules

3.       Awards revamped from scholarship and research ($1000 each) to poster and research. Research award to remain $1000 with poster award to be divided into 4 $250 amounts to total $1000. Anyone can submit a poster. Due date for poster/research application’s October 1, 2018.

4.       Future Conference Planning. Conference to stay within RDU area and held in March timeframe for next 2 years, to offer continuity and predictability for membership. Consider Great Wolf lodge for 3rd year as greatest attendance at this venue.  CANNP Board will continue to assume oversight and secure podium presenters, vendors, and venue. Facebook Blast/Web/email update will follow once dates are booked.

5.       Open Discussion. Future goals discussed based upon member feedback, which included: (1) increased use of social media, (2) increased exhibitor access to CANNP meeting information, (3) increased collaboration with NANN, ANN to market CANNP conference on their website.