CANNP 2017 Annual Business Meeting

Welcome & Introduction:  Judy Philbrook, President introduced the 2016-2018 members of the board.

Review of Minutes:  Amy Jnah, Secretary.  Minutes were posted at conference.  No corrections.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sharon Rush.  Taxes have been filed at no cost to association. Separate report of finances and website costs discussed. Current bank account balance reviewed, total conference costs pending.   

Membership Report:  Judy Philbrook, President.  See attached.  Discussed positive responses from e-distribution of membership information, conference announcements. Hard copy fliers to lead RN Manager/NNP Lead at each hospital will continue. Membership card distribution to commence shortly after conference adjourns.  

Membership-at-Large Report:  Christine Rowland, Member at Large.  Preparing newsletter for June.  Need practice updates from units and educational offerings; reviewed what constitutes practice site update. Solicited members to write short article for newsletter. Discussion of “social” update and membership suggested increased use of social media.

Presentation of Awards: Peer recognition award to be retired effective immediately (last awarded in 2009). Scholarship award to include individuals who submit abstracts for posters/podium presentations. Call for abstracts deadline July 1, 2017. Schools of nursing will be contacted to solicit podium presenters. Membership encouraged to consider submitting an abstract.

Scholarship awards given to 4 poster presenters: Jodi Amador, DNP; Courtney McDaniel, NNP; Ellie Ward, NNP; Brittany Chesnee, NNP.

New Business:

1.       CANNP Website. Upgraded/updated website, online registration and payments for conference attendees

2.       Contact Hour Offerings. Online CEU offerings via CANNP website (chest x-ray, more coming soon!). Members encouraged to contact Judy Philbrook with interest in creating CEU modules

3.       2018 Board Member Elections Cycle. Nominations and position descriptions available in June newsletter. Nominations committee chair appointed (Felicia Soza).

4.       Future Conference Planning. Conference to stay within RDU area and held in March timeframe for future years, to offer continuity and predictability for membership. CANNP Board with assume oversight and secure podium presenters, vendors, and venue. EBlast/Web update will follow once dates are booked.

5.       Open Discussion. Future goals discussed based upon member feedback, which included: (1) increased use of social media (consider social media liaison to the Board), (2) increased exhibitor access to CANNP meeting information, (3) increased collaboration with NANN to market CANNP conference on NANN website.