Job Responsibilities

Below is a brief job description for each position.


  1. Organize and run the meetings of the executive committee two to three times a year, the association meetings and any special meetings that are required.
  2. Act as the official representative of the organization.
  3. Appoint, with approval of the executive committee, all special committee members and chairpersons and serve as consulting member of all committees.
  4. Ability to use word programming for CANNP documentation, to include Publisher.
  5. Oversight of CANNP finances.
  6. Work well with other leaders within CANNP and have the vision and insight to lead the organization.
  7. Serve on the Executive Committee for a period of one year after the term of president has expired and provide consultation as needed the second year.

Vice President

  1. Be prepared to take over the president’s responsibilities should the president be unable to complete the term.
  2. Attend two to three Executive committee meetings.
  3. Assist as needed in annual conference planning.
  4. Serve as chairperson on assigned committees.
  5. Maintain a current membership list.


  1. Maintain current records of all official transactions involving monies for the organization. This is currently done using Microsoft Ledger.
  2. Keep bank deposits current and issue CANNP authorized payments for bills incurred in a timely manner.
  3. Attend the Executive committee meetings two to three times a year and report the organizations financial standing at these meetings.
  4. Give the membership a financial report in the newsletter and at the annual conference.
  5. Conduct all banking duties for the organization.


  1. Attend Executive committee meetings two to three times a year and submit meeting minutes in a timely manner.
  2. Attend the annual conference and report the minutes of the annual meeting to the membership.
  3. Write an officers update for the newsletter.
  4. Serve on committees as needed and as chairperson as assigned.


  1. Attend the Executive committee meetings two to three times a year.
  2. Attend the annual conference and give a report on the current membership.
  3. Complete all mailings for the Organization.
  4. Write an article for the newsletter twice a year reporting the current status of memberships.
  5. Be responsible for the annual membership drive.
  6. Edit, publish and email the newsletter twice a year.
  7. Edit and publish the CANNP brochure and mail to NNP schools yearly.
  8. Manage CANNP website by updating content in a timely manner.