2018 Call for Abstracts Submission Requirements (see Word document for complete information)

Abstracts must be submitted electronically. Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words, in 12-point font, with up to 2 additional bibliography pages.  The content should be presented in the form of a structured abstract. The following is an example of a structured format for original research, which can be modified as needed based upon the focus of the presentation or poster:

-Purpose                                                                                  -Subjects

-Design                                                                                    -Methods

-Results                                                                                   -Limitations

-Implications for Practice or Research

Note: A signed conflict of interest statement & CV (required for CEU credit) must be submitted with the abstract. Abstracts that do not follow the submission guidelines cannot be considered. Abstracts previously presented in other arenas are acceptable for submission.  

2018 Call for Abstracts PODIUM & POSTER PRESENTATION  Submission Form

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For case study presentation: I hereby confirm that no identifying information will be included without written parental consent and that the case described is not currently in litigation
Agreement: If this abstract is accepted for presentation, I agree to make the poster and/or podium presentation and pay all conference registration fees. I grant CANNP permission for inclusion of the abstract in the conference proceedings and any other publications including electronic media.