Carolinas Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

2020 NNP Scholarship Awards

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has returned to school to enhance their role as an NNP and provide them with a scholarship award for financial assistance. CANNP is seeking applications from NNPs or student NNPs who are members who are currently in an educational program seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Criteria for Selection

Candidates for the Scholarship Award for Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Education must:

  1. Be a current member of CANNP

  2. Be enrolled in an nursing educational program that offers a degree (BSN, MS, Doctorate)

  3. Be enrolled in an educational program that will enhance their role as an NNP.

  4. Successful completion of two courses towards the degree they seek.

Application Information

Applications should be submitted by the NNP currently in an educational program. Applications should be submitted on the form provided. Photocopies are acceptable. A letter from the University should be attached stating that you are enrolled in a degree program and that you have successfully completed two courses towards that degree. Your adviser in the program or the Dean of the University can send this letter. OR, you may submit a copy of your previous semester’s grades instead of the letter. 

Award Benefits

The award recipient will receive up to $1000.00 monetary award. The recipient will receive the award at the annual conference in March 2020.

Deadline for Applications is February 1, 2020

Email or Mail completed applications with current curriculum vitae to:

Kathy Connelly

CANNP Scholarship Application

6104 Wolverhampton Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27603

Applications must be submitted or postmarked by February 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, please call Kathy Connelly at 919-779-6784 or Amy Jnah at 216-375-9228


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