The Carolinas Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (CANNP) offers one grant award each year, in the amount up to $1,000, to qualified CANNP members. Active CANNP members two or more consecutive years of uninterrupted membership are invited submit a Letter of Intent and compete for this annual award. The EBP/QI award is intended to help make the NICU experience a little easier for families and promote high-quality care and outcomes. We invite all qualified CANNP members at institutions directly supporting NICU(s) to submit a grant application.

Applicants should submit a Letter of Intent addressed to CANNP summarizing the proposed program.

Letter of intent should be emailed to Kathy Connelly, CANNP Vice President,

The subject of the email should read:“2017 CANNP EBP/QI Grant Funding Request”.

Letters of Intent should be no more than 4 pages and must include the following:

1.  Title of the program, amount of requested funds, and a 100-200 word overview describing the objective.

2. The relevance of this project to CANNP, neonatal nursing, neonates, and families

3.  A detailed plan of the proposed program including the hospital/institution(s) that will benefit.

4.  A plan for evaluating the results and providing feedback of success.

5.  Past similar projects.  If you have done something similar to this in the past please indicate so.

6.  Completion date for project.

Letters of intent must be received by August 1, 2017 to be considered for review by the CANNP Board. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Awards are announced annually, during the month of September. Current CANNP Board Members are not eligible to apply for grant monies.

CANNP members who receive a grant award are required to:

 Attend the April 2018 CANNP conference in its entirety

 Present a poster OR podium presentation specific to member’s research study at the 2018 CANNP conference

  Submit an article updating CANNP members of the research study to the summer 2018 CANNP newsletter.

  Provide budget analysis to CANNP Board on/about the date whereby data collection is completed. All funds must directly pertain to research project. Unused funds are to be returned to CANNP and will be used with a future research grant award.

  Any related manuscript(s) submitted to peer-reviewed journal(s) must acknowledge CANNP funding.